Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Launch Jitters

I'm nearly ready to launch my new e-book, Zen and the Art of Portrait Photography. I've put a lot of work into it and, for the last few days, have added constructing the book's web page to that work.

I still have a few passes to make over the e-book's text: Proofing, more editing, a bit more revising. Still, for all intents and purposes, it's done. Looks like it will be 137 pages. It was 152 pages but I whacked a bunch of stuff out: Mostly, those parts which were, in my opinion, occasionally bombastic and over-written. Leastwise, in my mind that's what the cut stuff represented.

Now, I'm getting the jitters.

I'm jittered (jittering?) because I'm unsure how many photographers are truly interested in the sort of stuff I wrote about.

Many photography e-books target the various photographer markets with books filled with photos, lighting diagrams, tutorials, gear suggestions, and more. My two previous e-books, Guerrilla Glamour and Guerrilla Headshots took that sort of approach for their respective genres. This new one doesn't.

Many photography e-books target the "how-to" crowd providing recipe-like techniques and suggesting all the "instant pudding" ingredients necessary to make good looking photos. This new one of mine doesn't.

Instead, Zen and the art of Portrait Photography is aimed at photographers who want something beyond the usual stuff. It focuses on key elements of all genres of portrait photography that are, especially in the digital photography age, sometimes overlooked or neglected in spite of their importance to capturing truly memorable images of people. That is, beyond a photo's technical qualities or various pre-packaged effects and treatments which may have been applied to the image.

In other words, it's the subject and format of the e-book which is giving me the jitters: I'm simply not sure how large of a target audience there is for this sort of photography e-book. I guess I'm going to find out rather soon.

The image up top is one of the photos I'm using on my web page for the new book. In case you're disappointed I didn't post one of my customary pretty girl pics, here's one below. It's a dressed/undressed diptych of model, Sofia.


Anonymous said...

What can I say? I'm going to buy the book. I own your previous books and found them excellent. I love your style, your honesty and no nonse approach. I even recommended you as an instructor for creative live. You are a great photographer and inspiration for every photog like me dreaming of becoming a portrait and pretty girl shooter

jimmyd said...

@anon: Thanks for the kind words! When its launched, everyone who bought either of my two previous e-books will receive an email with a special discount code towards the purchase of this new e-book.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jimmy. I have been a fan of yours for quite a while. Every morning when I power up my computer, I go to your "bookmarked" page and read your words of wisdom and wit. I too have purchased your previous books and have really enjoyed them (and learned from them). All the best with your new one and keep those creative juices and words of wisdom flowing. JM

Kevin H said...

I too have two of your previous books and yeah can't wait for this one to be done. :)
I am sure it will do just as well as your previous e-books.