Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zen and Portrait Photography

I've been working my tush off. Don't worry. I have plenty enough tush to spare.

Specifically, I've been working my tush off on my newest ebook, "Zen and the Art of Portrait Photography." I've invested so many freakin' hours into this ebook I'm Zen'd out!

I began writing it, I don't know, I think in early Spring of this year. Maybe earlier, especially if you count outlining and thinking and thinking about it some more. In the last week or so alone I've put well over 100 hours into it. But finally, FINALLY, it's done!

Course, there's done and there's done.

To paraphrase Miracle Max from the film, "The Princess Bride," Whoo-hoo-hoo! Look who knows so much. It just so happens the ebook is only MOSTLY done. There's a big difference between mostly done and all done. Mostly done is slightly not done. With all done, well, with all done there's only one thing to do. (And I hope to do that by late next week... publish and release it, that is.)

I still have, I don't know, a few days of editing, proofing, more editing, more proofing and probably a bit of rewriting too. Probably a bit more than a bit of rewriting. Like I said it's MOSTLY done. But mostly done still deserves another whoo-hoo-hoo, don't ya think? So, here goes: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Some of you might notice a slight title change to the ebook. Hey! Nothing in life is guaranteed. Things change. Shit happens. Sometimes we think the journey is all mapped out and set in stone when all of a sudden a slight detour is in order. And I stress the word "slight."

When I decided to slightly change the title, taking a slight detour as it were, I only did so after giving it long and serious thought. I even conferred with my ebook-authoring consiglieri and he concurred. The decision to do so wasn't an easy one to make. Fortunately, doing so didn't require changing all that much in terms of what I'd already written and where I was going with what still needed to be written.

What I've done by making this change, I think, I hope, is given the ebook wider, somewhat more universal appeal. Is that such a bad thing?

Anyway, I'm toast. I just finished putting another 12 hours into the book today. And even still, cuz I'm the kinda guy I am, I'm taking some time to update the blog. What a guy, right? And don't think I'm updating without also posting a pretty girl pic. I'm not. So here's one of Cody, below.

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Ed said...

Looking forward to "TOAST"! Feel free to email if you need a novice proof reading..